Weight loss journey x.0

So…..i steadily gained weight over the last 15years, give or take a few. I started from thinking “wow i’m fat” at 65kg to a whopping 89.9kg today, even I am shocked, with a height of 5feet 4inches, thats a BMI of 34.

This post is aptly titled weight loss journey x.0 because I have attempted weight loss several times at various points in my life only to stop few days into it, I have a problem with consistency. The longest I have gone on an exercise/diet routine is two weeks, shameful. I have every excuse under the sun for not starting at all or not continuing, from “i don’t have the time” to “i’m too tired from work” to “i don’t have appropriate clothes” to “it’ll be better if i had a partner & or a coach”, trust me, if there’s an excuse I’ve used it.

Anyway, so I’m on leave and I decided (after procrastinating for the first week) to launch weight loss journey x.0. I didn’t check my start weight before I started 3 days ago, I just went with the last weight I recorded few months ago (88.5kg).

I was feeling battered (from walking 4km daily since I started) and lazy this morning and as usual giving myself excuses when I decided to check the weight, hmmm……safe to say I was jolted into action by a weight of 89.9kg, that woke me right up, I mean that’s practically 90kg, my scale is just being economical with the truth.

So anyway, I have decided to document my journey to a healthier lighter happier me (hopefully) so you and I can keep track of me and ensure i follow this to the end.

I’ll weigh in every week (thursday) and tell you where I’m at, no pictures in exercise gear though because I decided not to let that stop me anymore.

Ok, I just did a 5km power walk and I’m so tired, have to stop typing now. Catch ya!


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  1. shola says:

    Kudos and weldone!I just know you can and will do it this time around InshaAllah.


    1. mary80am says:

      InshaaAllah. Thanks sis.


  2. Molaide says:

    And she is getting her grove back


  3. Sadiq Rasheedat says:

    Well done dear.im also trying ,procastination yi naa ni😏😏


    1. mary80am says:

      Thank you dear…we won’t give up.


  4. nonspecifica says:

    Wow, you’re doing great with a daily 4km walk! Keep it up πŸ™‚


  5. dtills says:

    Congratulations on taking this step! I hope you are feeling good and ready to make this change, all the best wishes are sent your way πŸ™‚

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