So…..I used to get upset and irritated with footballers spitting on the football pitch during matches, like what kind of thing is that?, they will then go on to roll on the same pitch to celebrate a goal, dirty kids. I’m a bit more understanding after today though, still irritated but understanding.


OK, so I went for my walk this morning without taking water before I left home, or taking water along with me. I got really dehydrated towards the end of my walk and my saliva had become really thick, it was so thick that it felt like my throat would stick together if I swallowed it. Spitting it out was the only available option if I didn’t want to choke on my own saliva, so I found a good place and spit out, I wasn’t any less dehydrated but it felt better and then it hit me, those footballers can’t help it because they can’t leave the pitch at the time.

I still haven’t figured out why they feel the need to roll in it though, I mean, there’s always dancing.

Anyway, today’s walk is done and dusted. I’m home now and hydrated. My phone tells me I burnt 306 calories today, yayyyy me, if my phone is to be believed.

Let me prep for jum’ah, it is Friday.

Catch ya!


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