So……no walking for me today.

It’s the weekend and my kids are home. Since I started my leave, they meet me at home when they return from school, once the excitement of meeting me at home dies down the first question they ask is “what did you do at home all day?” which is a nice change from the usual “what did you buy?” if you know what I mean, saves me some change *wink wink*. I’ve been telling them “I exercised”, so I think the weekend is a good opportunity to kill two birds with a stone – convince them i actually do exercise and get some cardio done.

I don’t like cardio especially the sit-ups because………… I’m lazy like that.

Anyway, I did it, 20 jumping jacks, 15 sit-ups, 10 leg raises, 10 crunches and a 20second plank. It’s not much but it’s a lot considering I’m coming from zero. If my heart could talk it’ll probably say “who are you and what are you doing with my host body?” and then say “thank you, I’ve been needing that”.

So, I’m done for the day, let me go run after those kids and settle some quarrels, that should count as cardio too.

Catch ya!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fatimah Lawal says:

    Good job Maryam. Please i want to be your cardio partner o!


    1. mary80am says:

      Oya now, let’s go there.


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