My walk today reminded me of an unexpected walk I took a long time ago.

I was a remedial (pre-degree) student at University of Ilorin UNILORIN years ago (feels like a lifetime ago). The permanent site PS was notorious for transportation problems then, don’t know about now.

I was going home for the weekend and there was no bus or car available. With like a zillion students waiting on the queue, there was no way I was going to get home in good time. Students were already giving up and going to the hostels.

So…..feeling smart, I decided to walk to the gate. I knew it was far but I didn’t know it was that far. I kept thinking I’m sure I should be there in another few minutes. Anyway, I ended up doing about 4.5km of unscheduled, unexpected walking. I was so tired I couldn’t talk when I got home. My body ached for days and I vowed never to be that smart again.

The only consolation was just one bus passed all through my walk so I knew people were still stuck back there.

So…..on my walk today, I took an unscheduled turn and ended up doing an extra 1.5km. My muscles ache but I climbed my stairs easier today and that’s a win.

Catch ya!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abdulmalik Olaniyan says:

    Ha ha ha…..sorry o. That ‘UNILORIN car park to gate’ distance no be here.


    1. Maryam says:

      Only an alumnus can get it, lol. How are you?


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