So……my sister asked me yesterday if I would go on a diet and my answer was an emphatic NO.

I’ve had issues sticking to a diet plan in the past so I didn’t want to start something I wasn’t sure I could sustain.

Most of the things I love to eat are off limits if I want to diet. Things like white bread, full cream milk (I’ve never been a fan of skimmed milk, there’s a yoruba saying, “ti a ba ma je opolo, a je eyi to l’eyin ninu” loosely translated means “if you’ll eat a toad, eat the one with eggs i.e. make it worthwhile”), pastry etc.

Believe me, I’m not a particularly big eater and I don’t eat all that bad stuff all of the time but when I see them it’s hard to resist. Also, a lot of times when I’m stressed at work and have no time to eat proper food, they are a source of fast, readily available sugar to keep me going.

Most healthy food also seem to require some elaborate preparation which I’m not keen on.

So…to diet or not to diet. I concluded I would start with a no diet, diet plan which I decided would mean eating my regular food in minimal quantities and allowing myself the bad stuff in moderate quantity. I guess that would mean counting calories.

I thought counting calories would be easy until I discovered that my favorite chocolate bar has about 245 calories in a 50g bar. What?????????? That would take a walk of 5km or thereabouts to burn, so now I have to rethink my no diet, diet plan.

I’m here looking at my chocolate bar and asking myself..

Am I able to do this (starting from not eating this bar of chocolate)? Yes.

Am I willing to do it? Hmm…..

Reminds me of another yoruba saying, “eni ti o ba maa je eyin inu apata, ko ni wo enu aake”, loosely translated “whoever wants to achieve something difficult will not think about the difficulty ahead i.e. just do it”.

I guess the answer to my question is, a grudging yes.


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  1. Halimah says:

    What’s the difference between skimmed and full cream milk? I have been finding that confusing.


    1. Maryam says:

      Skimmed milk is supposed to be low fat, low in calories. Full cream is your regular milk.


  2. nonspecifica says:

    I’d recommend a calorie tracker just so you can get an idea of how many calories you’re consuming. It’s hard to give up stuff you really like but if you can see how much work you need to do to make sure it doesn’t result in stored fat on your body, it might encourage you to make a few small changes. 🙂 Great work staying on top of your walks!!

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