I’m back!

So…..I had my workout today, after four days of rest. I travelled over the last four days, to see family. I had so much fun and so little time, so I couldn’t fit in any workout.

It felt good to workout again today. I ended up doing a 5km walk and some core exercises. I felt the difference of four days of minimal activity though, in every part of my body. That will teach me to be consistent with my routine no matter how busy I get.

I avoided a weigh-in last thursday. I did eventually weigh-in on friday and my mum’s weigh scale says I weigh 86kg, which would mean I lost 3kg. I’m not weighing in this week, giving myself time to fully recover the four days.

My sister says “you look good just the way you are!”. I want to look and feel even better, so I’m not giving up.

Catch ya!


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