Through pain

Few years ago, during one of my efforts to loose weight, I developed pain in my knees from skipping/jumping rope and I was told I had osteoarthritis OA. I was advised to loose some weight.

The pain was however so bad that even though I knew OA needs movement, I just couldn’t do it. I stopped exercising completely because even getting out of bed was torture. The pain got worse and then eventually improved. I avoided any kind of movement that might trigger it again since then and I’ve been fine.

Last week, I did some exercise on my stairs and I started to experience knee pain again. For the first few days after that, I had to limp through most of my walk, the pain remained steady (i.e. didn’t worsen) and has gradually begun to wane. I’m taking a rest from walking today (doing other workout) but I’m definitely picking up tomorrow because arthritis needs movement and so do I.

Catch ya!


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  1. Ganiyat Olaniyan says:

    I am. So loving this,,doctor mariam

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