Weight & envy

I made a list of people I envy..

  • Those who eat whatever they want in whatever quantity and don’t gain any weight. I feel like I gain weight from just breathing.
  • Those who don’t gain significant weight in pregnancy. Despite the fact that I’m unable to eat more than one small meal in a day in pregnancy, I still gain significant weight.
  • Those who lose all the weight gained in pregnancy right after birthing their child without any effort. I gain weight.
  • Those who lose weight with a single loose bowel movement (diarrhea). Even though I avoid food the entire period I’m sick, the weight stays on.
  • I’m sure there should be another group of you in this list, but I can’t remember right now.

Oh well, it is what it is. Hopefully, someday soon, I won’t have to envy any of you anymore. Back to my sit ups.


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