Sweet tooth

So…..I have a sweet tooth.

I also recently discovered I love to bake, better than cook. I cook because I have to, but baking is such fun, I look forward to it, feels good to create something beautiful.

I’ve been baking a lot recently, trying my hands on different recipes, while avoiding eating my “creation” because I’m counting calories.

It’s however becoming increasingly difficult for me to suppress my cravings, so I’ve spent every spare minute I’ve got in the last few days scouring the internet for <a href=”Snippet“>snippets of information on low calorie pastries.

I found some good looking recipes under a 100 calories, would be trying some of them this weekend.

Getting back on the weight watching wagon after falling off would be difficult so I have to find a way to bake what I can eat on this journey.

Fingers crossed.

If you’ve got a low calorie pastry recipe to share, please do share in the comment section.


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