Plans, or not!

I was a very good girl this week.

Though I knew it was going to be a hectic and stressful week, I had planned it well.

1 Mile Walk at Home©, healthy food in the freezer, cucumber and lemon infused water during the day by the way, this was so refreshing. As I was saying, my well planned week was going great and I was already giving my self a pat on the back.

Just for me to enter the kitchen and find a covered plate of jollof rice that I had served this morning, this is a meal I had carefully measured out so there would be no left overs.

When I bellowed, “whose is this?”. I was answered with “I don’t want it!”. “So, what happens to it now?”. I got “I don’t know”

Well, here I am calculating how many calories is in a plate of Jollof rice and how many miles of a Walk at Home© will burn it .

Do you know?

Guest writer: Maryam Aiyeola.


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