Love, and acceptance!


For so long I allowed people deceive me. These people are my friends and family, people I slept and woke up with, people I worked with, people I spent my holidays with.

They deceived me only out of love and affection though, a genuine desire to show me love and make me love myself.

I should have known better than to allow their love for me in whatever size becloud my mirror.

“Your curves are in all the right places”.

“You’re glowing, don’t stress yourself”.

“You’re not so big, it’s just your stomach”.

“If you could just loose the stomach fat, you’d be just fine”.

“I love your stature, don’t change anything”.

And so it came that I’m suddenly struggling to fit in a size 18. I have to look for dresses in a plus size section. And even more importantly, my health is beginning to suffer.

I’ve had to look myself in the mirror and finally accept that I need to work on my weight. If for nothing else, for the sake of my health, and yes, to be able to fit in a size 16 (short term goals).

So help me God!

Guest writer.


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  1. Novus Lectio says:

    Go on, you can do it with some perseverance

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  2. “For the sake of my health…”
    When I thought about the pain I constantly have in my leg, I decided to resume working out and not bother about the saying that made me stop in the first place ; “you are getting too slim, stop exercising”.

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