Ramadan, & weight loss!


People assume that you would/should loose weight just because you’re fasting.

Every single Ramadan, every single year, they ask the same question: “Are you sure you’re fasting?, because you’re looking fresher”. To which the reply always is “of course I’m fasting“.

I assume this holds true for almost all fasting muslims, at least in my environment.

The thing is, Ramadan is not a period of starvation. It’s called fasting, and beyond keeping away from food from dawn to dusk for 29 or 30days, it’s more a period of reconnecting with Al-khaaliq (The Creator), earning His pleasure, seeking forgiveness and generally trying to be a better human.

Fasting might be a good tool for weight loss and as much as I hope I can shed some weight (never happens) every Ramadan, that’s not what this month’s fast is intended for.

I pray we end the month better humans than when we started and that whatever growth we achieve is sustained.


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  1. Olaniyan Mustapha says:


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    1. Maryam says:

      Tried returning your call yesterday. Booni?


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